How To Make An Ubuntu Bootable USB

Ubuntu is well known as it is well-loved and it stands next to the Windows operating system in case of preference by the users. Although the differences in both are many, Ubuntu provides a simple yet fun operating system with a lot of features. It may not be always possible to download your operating system right where you are via online methods. This makes copying it on to your PC quite easy and carrying it around in a handy USB highly portable. Here we have addressed the topic and given you a basic idea on the same.

Steps to Follow

All the steps have been listed in the correct order and follow them accordingly. Make sure your USB disk drive has enough space to copy the software into it and you can start from a 4 GB one.

  1. Make sure you have an already downloaded and installed version of Ubuntu in your system so that you can copy it to the USB.
  2. For easy copying, make sure to connect only one USB at a time or else there is a chance for your software to be copied on to the first available disk or make things complicated with too many options.
  3. Make sure that the application for transferring the files is already installed in the system.
  4. Choose your application from the open dash.
  5. Depending on the application, you can choose the ISO files from its destination by inputting the source in the required slot. Give the location of the USB drive too on the other slot to copy to.
  6. Double-check your options are correct and click on the start transfer option.
  7. After the transfer is finished, you have your Ubuntu inside the USB and can install it directly from the small module any time you want.

Some Suggestions

You can have a variety of options when coming to operating the applications for transferring Ubuntu in the USB disk drive. You can always choose one by your research but we have made that step easier by these choices given. Sometimes multiple applications need to be downloaded, but most importantly make sure they are Linux friendly and easy to use. If not you can always search further.

  • Clonezilla
  • Startup Disk Creator
  • Live Linux USB Creator
  • Rsync

Along with copying make sure that the version of the operating system is not too old so that you can have the latest versions with added features and it also saves you the extra hassle you have to go through to update the system into the latest version.

Final Verdict

Ubuntu operating system is pretty easy to install. It is rather easy to transfer your Ubuntu ISO file into a USB for usage at a later time also. Make sure to go through all the points correctly and follow them step-by-step so that you operate the functions easily. All queries regarding creating an Ubuntu bootable USB shall be answered in the comments below and feedback on several applications is also welcome at any time.

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