How to run an ISO file from a USB drive

How to run an ISO file from a USB drive

ISO files can be downloaded into your computer or other systems, or as an alternative, you can burn them into USB drives and operate them while plugging it on only. The ISO file combines all the software units into one whole file full of data making it easy and simple to download them directly via online methods. Once you have downloaded your ISO file it is necessary that it goes into the USB and simple copying will not do the trick there if you want to install your software from those hard disks. Let us give you some insights on this regard.

Step-By-Step Breakdown

  1. Install the required version of the software (Win32 Disk Imager) you aim at using onto your own system.
  2. You can follow the simple instructions given along with the installation process for the steps on installing it.
  3. Run the version available on your PC first to check if it is compatible with the system requirements.
  4. The USB can be inserted one at a time for an easier functioning.
  5. From All Programs in the Start button, choose the download win32 disk imager tool.
  6. Choose the device to which you want to send this ISO file to among all the options.
  7. Click on Begin Burning and copy the file successfully.
  8. You can install the file any time on a different system by moving to the root folder of the drive and choosing Setup.exe.

Having a USB bootable ISO system is very portable, quick to install, and the USBs have a large storage space you can do multiple stuff with the memory allocated.

Troubleshooting Options and Guide

In case of troubleshooting, make sure that the USB you have plugged in is available on the list of devices listed and if not clear that field first. If multiple drives are inserted, the tool may select the first drive close to having the ability to burn the file so make sure that you only have your single USB plugged-in for safety. A dual-layer CD disk is also not accepted by most and most importantly, make sure that the disk you have chosen is not a damaged one.


This type of installations is quickly becoming the next new thing as they are quite friendly to use and easy to operate and also carry around and store. There is much software you can burn into an external hard disk easily so that you can use them for installation later on in a different system. For creating a bootable system, some of the choices given below can be made use of.

  •  Leawo DVD Creator
  • Windows USB/DVD Download
  • UltraISO
  • PowerISO

Bottom Line

You can always copy your ISO file on to another USB disk drive easily but you will not be able to boot it up and run it from that same device. For that, you may have to burn the software into the disk, and to assist you there are methods like what we have listed above. Feel free to contact us anytime for any further queries and we shall answer them all in the comments given below.

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