How to Install Windows 7 from Usb Flash Drive Without Any Software

Microsoft has released Windows 7 with some advanced feature and a great appearance. All computer users are very much enthusiastic to check out the new OS by Microsoft. Now Windows 7 ISO files are available on the Internet. The ISO file is larger than 2 GB. Also read Install Windows XP from Usb Flash Drive.

But if you do not have DVD drive in your PC then a problem you would face while installing it in your computer. In this scenario the Usb drive plays an effective roll. You can install Windows 7 from your USB flash drive/disk. There are various way to install the Windows 7 from Usb drive (also read about windows 7 system repair disc). But here I’m going to discuss about the installation process of Windows 7 from the Usb flash drive without any software.

One thing let me say that if you are applying this tutorial through Windows XP i.e if you are using the command prompt in XP then it won’t work as the “list disk” command does not shows the Usb disk in the disk list. So use windows Vista or Windows 7 to apply this tutorial. Once you have made ready your Usb flash drive for installing Windows 7 from it then follow the next steps.

What you need to have

1. The Windows 7 ISO file.

Note: You can download Windows 7 from web or copy it from the Windows 7 installation DVD. In the second case you have to copy the content in your USB drive from the computer which can read DVD.

2. A Usb flash disk/drive with a memory greater than 3 GB.

At first you have to make your Usb drive ready for installation.

The process

  • Insert the Usb stick in the appropriate port.
  • Run cmd.exe by typing “cmd” in the Run command in your windows start menu.
  • In the command prompt type the following commands:

1. diskpart

2. select disk 1 ( be careful* )

3. clean

4. create partition primary

5. select partition 1

6. active

7. format fs=ntfs ( you can also format in fat32 or fat )

8. assign

9. exit


* Note: The set of commands assume that the Usb drive is addressed as “disk 1”. So double check that by doing a list by the command “list disk” before cleaning it.Now your Usb flash drive is ready to use for installation.

Copy the content of the Windows 7 installation DVD. In case of ISO file just extract the ISO file in your Usb flash drive/disk. After completion of copying you can boot computer from the Usb flash drive ( Change the boot option in your BIOS setup. Make the Usb hard disk as the first boot option ).

If any type of problem arises, please write down your problems in the comment section.