How to make an Ubuntu Bootable USB

In this article we are going to learn step by step process of how to make an Ubuntu bootable USB drive in windows! Ubuntu is well known and opensource Operating system, it stands next to the Windows OS when it comes user preference. But both the OS have many differences and features that make unique, … Read more

New method to boot from USB on Mac, Windows or Linux

Modern problem requires modern solution. Yes Boot from USB; if you want to be a tech savvy and don’t want to use old CD or DVD to install windows/other OS then you are reading right article. USBs provide compact modules for carrying around operating systems for your computer or laptop so that booting them up … Read more

How To Remove / Disable USB Write Protection

USB devices contain a lot of data and information within their compact sizes and all that storage needs to be safe and secure so that the access can be controlled. This also helps protect all your files against dangerous malware. But sometimes some important files need to be opened at short notice or you may … Read more