Repair Your Windows 7 by System Repair Disc

The latest release of Microsoft corporation is Windows 7 and it is quite impressive. However we are very much familiar with the older version Windows XP. But the windows 7 has come with some new features and I think it is the time to make some new research on Windows 7. Read also: Install Windows XP … Read more

Install Windows 7 Directly from Your Hard Drive

The traditional way to install any operating system in your computer is booting from the CD/DVD drive or Usb drive. Do you know how to install Windows 7 or vista without using any CD/DVD drive or Usb drive? Tip: Install Windows 7 from Usb Flash Drive. Win32 Disk Imager This tutorial stands on the assumption that … Read more

Install Windows XP from USB Drive : How To

You might have installed Vista, Windows 7 from a USB drive. But how to install Windows XP from USB drive? It is not that easy as you did for the later version of Windows. To make the process succesful, we need to go for some advanced setup phases as the Windows XP does not have the … Read more

Secure Data by Hiding the Partition in Windows Command Prompt

Securing confidential is so essential and there are many ways or tools to hide your data in Windows computer. Numbers of ways have been described in some previous articles in Tech-Tips-Geek. Here is another addition. And believe me, I personally use this process to hide my confidential data. The trick starts with keeping your data … Read more

Connect Two Windows 7 Computers On LAN Using Ethernet Cable

There are times when you want to transfer your important files and documents from one computer to another. Especially, if you are to manage multiple computers on your home network or a workgroup, transferring files between them becomes tedious. Though you can use the following alternatives to transfer data. Tip: Create Wireless Home Network Without Router … Read more

Re-install Windows by Formatting Computer Without Losing Data

Sometimes it may so happen that you need to format your computer to re-install Windows (be it any version). This may occur if your Windows operating system undergoes a stability error in course of time, or if it is seriously affected by the invasion of a virus or Malware that completely disrupts the normal proceedings … Read more

Partition Hard Drive in Windows 7 Without Formatting

With the advent of the technical world comes new operating systems each with some more facilities than its predecessor. The same happened with Windows. Recent operating systems like Windows 7 and also Windows Vista has a great dexterity in them that the hard disk can be partitioned, re-sized without formatting your computer. Here, we discuss … Read more