Repair Your Windows 7 by System Repair Disc

The latest release of Microsoft corporation is Windows 7 and it is quite impressive. However we are very much familiar with the older version Windows XP. But the windows 7 has come with some new features and I think it is the time to make some new research on Windows 7.

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I found a great feature inbuilt in windows 7 that you can easily create a system recovery disk of your Windows 7. If your system crashes down for some fatal error then you can recover the system using the system recovery disc (read also how to recover lost file from system disk).

How to make the system repair disc of your windows 7

  1. Press Win key + R, type “control” and click on OK.
  2. From the control panel menu click on “Backup and restore”.
  3. Click on “create a system repair disc” from left side.
  4. Insert CD/DVD in your CD/DVD drive.
  5. Click on “create”.

Now the files to make the system repair disc will be automatically written.

Note: It may prompt for inserting the installation DVD. That means the file needed to create the system repair disc is not available. So insert the installation DVD.[See also: How to Install Windows 7 from USB flash Drive without any software]

It will take a while to create the system repair disc. After successful completion of the task restart you computer.

  • Check the bios setting if there first booting option is the optical disk drive, if not then set it.
  • Now after restarting the computer press any key when you are prompted to do so.
  • The system will start to copy the setup files.
  • A language menu will appear and choose your preferred language.
  • “System recovery option” window will appear and select the system repair option and then click on next.

Please let me know if there is any other way to repair the system.