Install Windows XP from USB Drive : How To

You might have installed Vista, Windows 7 from a USB drive. But how to install Windows XP from USB drive? It is not that easy as you did for the later version of Windows. To make the process succesful, we need to go for some advanced setup phases as the Windows XP does not have the feature of booting from a USB drive or any removable drive.

But you can still install Windows XP from your removable drive by following this complete how-to guide. Installing any operating system from a removable drive is always useful and becomes lifesaving if your CD/DVD-ROM is not working properly. (Tip: Fix USB problems)

When you insert the bootable disk in your CD/DVD-ROM, the machine detects it and prompts for “Press any key to boot from cd” if it is bootable. By then, you can format your hard disk, make the partitions and then you can  install the OS like XP,Vista and Windows 7 in your system.

The same thing does not happen with you if you just copy the content of a bootable XP CD into your USB drive. You need to make your USB flash drive for the booting process. Here, in this article “How to Install Windows XP From USB Flash Drive”, I’ve discussed the procedure step-by-step.

How to install Windows XP from USB drive

1. Firstly, download the software Win to Flash which does not need any installation. Just double-click the setup file and the following screen appears.

2. Head to the ‘Task’ tab and choose your task as following screenshots.

3. Select the source path of the windows installation disk or copy that is dumped at your hard drive as well as the path of your USB flash drive.


4. Click the ‘Next’ button and wait until the bootable copy is prepared into your USB Flash drive.

Once completed, you can start installing Windows XP. It is a pretty easy method to install Windows XP from a USB drive.