Secure Data by Hiding the Partition in Windows Command Prompt

Securing confidential is so essential and there are many ways or tools to hide your data in Windows computer. Numbers of ways have been described in some previous articles in Tech-Tips-Geek. Here is another addition. And believe me, I personally use this process to hide my confidential data.

The trick starts with keeping your data in a separate partition that you don’t use generally. Move all your important data that you want to keep away from any third party in that and hide the partition from the command prompt to make unavailable to all. If any body opens your computer, he can only see the remaining partitions and having no idea about the hidden one.

How to hide a partition from command Prompt in Windows

This command prompt trick works both in Windows 7 and XP. Let’s start.

Go to Star > Run, type “cmd” and hit enter. This will open the command prompt. Now run the following commands:



After executing the commands the the partition overview will be shown. Note the volume number of the partition that you want to hide with the corresponding drive letter.

3. Type the command SELECT VOLUME (number) and hit “Enter”. For instance: SELECT VOLUME 3

4. Now type REMOVE LETTER (letter) and hit “Enter”. Example: REMOVE LETTER D.

This command will remove the drive letter from the partition and make the partition hidden in Windows explorer. You must restart your computer to see the effect.

5. To get back the drive again just type the following command:


Note: When assigning the letter, you must have to select the volume again as you’ve done before.

So following the above method you can hide all your confidential data in a drive that is invisible. And when you need to access them just make the partition visible.