Windows 7 Sticky Notes Tricks and Tips How To

The new Windows 7 accessorie Sticky Notes is a free and easy to use little program. You can use Sticky Notes to post to-do list on your Windows desktop. I have a few on my Windows desktop all the time, as I finish one to-do note task, I delete it and post a new one. You can use Sticky Notes to clean-off all those paper nots all over your desk. You can use a keyboard or a tablet pen to write a note on your table Pc. Here’s a few edit tricks and tips to use on Windows 7 Sticky Notes.

1. To Start Sticky Notes: To open Sticky Notes by tapping the Start button . In the search box, type Sticky Notes or stikynot, and then tap Sticky Notes in the list of results. To create additional notes, click the New Note button. You can also open a new note by pressing Ctrl+N.

2. To create a new sticky note, click on the ‘+‘ sign in its top left corner. To delete a sticky note click on the ‘x‘ mark in its top right corner. To change its size, drag it from its bottom right corner.

3. Change Sticky Notes Color: You can change the Sticky Notes color easyly by right clicking on the note and picking one of 6 colors. Colors are Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, White and Yellow.

4. To Format Text in a Sticky Note: Select the text that you want to change. Then use the following keyboard shortcuts to format the text on your note:Sticky2.jpg

* Bold text  –  Ctrl + B

* Italic text  –  Ctrl + I

* Underlined text  –  Ctrl + U

* Strikethrough  –  Ctrl + T

* Increased text size  –  Ctrl + Shift + >

* Decreased text size  –  Ctrl + Shift + <

* Bulleted list  –  Ctrl + Shift + L
(Press this keyboard shortcut again to switch to a numbered list.)

* See the options when you press Ctrl + Shift + L each time (1 to 5 times).eg. To get Roman numerals: Press 5 times, Ctrl + Shift + L.

* Capitalize (or otherwise) highlighted letters: Ctrl + Shift + A

* Right Align  – Ctrl + R

* Center align –  Ctrl + E

* Left Align – Ctrl + L

* Single line space – Ctrl + 1

* Double line space – Ctrl + 2

* 1.5 line space –  Ctrl + 5 

NOTE: To Backup the Windows 7 Sticky Notes by backing up this file to another location : C:\Users\ACK\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\StickyNotes.snt . You may have to show hidden/system files via the Folder Options.

 Happy Computing! biggrin.gif