All about Shut Down, Sleep, or Hibernate Laptop in windows?

All the computers and laptops that have installed the windows operation system, must be having Option Shutdown, Sleep and Hibernate along with log out, lock and restart and in advance, power setting hybrid sleep option also present from windows vista or 7  to all further versions till 11.

Different kinds of people have several types of needs with their PC and laptop some will turn on them 24/7 and some will shut down when their work with the PC and laptop is completed. 

We have to be more power-conscious when we are running a laptop because it runs on a battery.

All these options have particular advantages and disadvantages and every mode suites different types of situations.

So let’s explore different types modes one by one-


I think everyone who uses computers, laptops, mobile and other devices is very much familiar with the term shutdown. 

When we shut down a laptop or PC all the open programs are closed which are running currently on windows and those also are running in the background and then the PC shuts down the operating system completely after successfully closing all the applications.

 PC and Laptops which shut down consumes no power at all. When you want to use your PC and laptop again you have to go through the entire booting up process again and some application starts running at the startup of windows like antivirus software and other utility software.

The booting process is very much reduced from the windows version 8 to 11 you just have to press the power button then your PC or laptop will start within few seconds. 

Till Windows 7 boot-up process takes 1 or 2 minutes to boot PC completely and it will also depend on your hardware specifications like CPU, GPU and RAM etc.


In the sleep mode, option computer or laptops switched to lower power state and consumes less battery in comparison to when PC is in power-on state.

In this mode, the PC will keep the memory like If you have opened browsers tabs in chrome and opened any software like Photoshop and MS-word or any other application it will restore again quickly from that state when you switched to sleep mode and you can continue your work from where you left without wasting too much energy especially in case of laptops. We do not have to wait for the booting up process.


This mode is the best alternative when to when you dont want to shut down your PC or laptop and want to start and resume windows where you left it, want to boot PC very quickly. 

Hibernation is similar to Sleep mode but, What happens is when you hibernate your PC or Laptop it will transfer all the memory and your programs that are currently opened to a hard disk. 

The basic difference is that Sleep mode transfers all the work to RAM which is temporary memory and Hibernation transfers all the programs to the Hard drive which is permanent memory. 

Hibernation mode loads the previous state and transfers memory again to the RAM. 

So this allows your computer to bring back in that state exactly where you left it before hibernation which includes opened documents, chromes tabs and other software which are opened which is quite cool.

This mode consumes zero power if we compare it with sleep mode which uses low power.

Hibernation mode takes some time to turn on the PC in the previous state than sleep mode which quickly turns on your PC but it is much better than shutting down mode when you want to turn on your PC or Laptop quickly and want to continue your work from where you left.

Hibernation mode uses the same amount of power that shutdown uses.

When to use which mode ?

You can use sleep mode when moving away from your laptop or PC for a short amount of time. It will save time and electricity both and consumers less battery in case of laptops. So Your laptop or PC is ready to use when you want.

Hibernate conserves more energy than sleep. When you are not using your PC or Laptops for a long time but also want to continue your work from where you left without wasting time you can go for hibernation mode without shutting down your PC and laptop many times a day.

Some software may not work properly when you resuming from hibernation mode so in that case, you have shut down the PC or Laptop so all the programs will refresh and will work properly. It is good to Shutdown or restart the PC or laptop from time to time for the performance of your PC or Laptop.