What are the best alternatives to Microsoft Office ?

microsoft office alternative

For more than 30 years, the Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and a few more bureau productivity instruments have been an essential part of the workplace.

You have traditionally had to download the office software to and from your Windows computer, and some people still use Microsoft Office in this way. Around 2006, however, web document editors such as the competitor Google’s Google Docs Editors Suite were under pressure from Microsoft’s Microsoft Office, thus there is now an online version known as Microsoft 365

However, several other rivals have grown increasingly tempting, not least due of the fact that prices are increasingly competitive, and some of them are free to use. But less or nothing, as may be attested by the open-source community, does not always indicate that the quality of the programme is poorer.

That is why you have to be sure that you have any deficiencies to select an alternative to Microsoft Office, particularly if you need to share or cooperate with other users who have one or more office suites

Some of the best alternatives of Microsoft Office are –

Google workspace –

Google Workspace is the greatest choice for Microsoft Office companies (formerly G suite).  The Google Drive is combining its online storage solution Google Drive as a high-quality product, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Chat, Google Sheets, Google Slides or Google Forms.

The tools function well in any current web browser, making an organizational rollout a snap. Apple’s and Android’s mobile applications are available to allow you to view your documents from wherever on your device.

It works wonderfully with a contemporary web browser on Windows, Linux, Mac and any other machine. Without installing anything, you may simply cooperate and share features with plugin integrations and interact with files from a range of formats, such as Microsoft Office files.

The main drawback of Workplace is that it is a hard procedure to access files generated with other workplaces and file formatting is not always properly transformed. This is partially because Google’s office tools utilize online fonts instead of those saved locally on your device, and sometimes Microsoft documents have functions which Google does not support.

WPS Office

Chinese software developer Kingsoft published WPS Office in 2016. It is an office suite for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. The suite is in German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish and Russian, and is accessible in German.

It provides a free and high-end level. The free tier allows you to utilize Writers, Presentations and Spreadsheets, alternatives that are close-like to the Microsoft Office suite. WPS provides a quick and easy-to-use PDF to Word converter. It allows bulk export and may divide PDF files if necessary. If necessary.

It includes configurable interfaces so that you may choose the most popular menu layout. WPS office also enables the editing of tabs, like a web browser. It also features an inbuilt 1 GB storage cloud. It may be used lightweight and quickly. It’s fantastic that you can give it a free test run and then determine afterwards whether the money is worth it to free advertising.

Although WPS Office can operate on low-specification hardware a bit slowly, it’s a strong alternative to the Microsoft Office, which you can easily test for yourself with the free schedule.

Office Suite

OfficeSuite from MobiSystems is a substitute Microsoft Office that is most commonly used on mobile devices for iOS or Android. However a version of the Microsoft Windows programme is available as well. OfficeSuite could frequently pre-installed in many Amazons, Sony and Toshiba mobile devices. You can instantly sync your documents across your mobile devices and your PC with your OfficeSuite account.

You can pick from many levels. The basic tier is free and users may read and edit documents like as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The package is completely compatible with most formats including ODT, RTF, CSV, DOC and ZIP. The free level also allows users to view PDF documents and support the cloud via services such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.

OfficeSuite features strong Microsoft Office compatibility and PDF documents, various cloud support and the user interface closely resembling Microsoft Office. However, there are no means to collaborate and the teams have a bad choice.

Libre Office

LibreOffice is another free and open-source office suite that works in all file types of Microsoft Office. It is based on OpenOffice and started in 2010, as described before. This software, maintained by The Document Foundation, encourages users to engage in improving and adding new features.

LibreOffice has a mobile version for Android, and is accessible for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. Small versions and updates could regularly maintained on an almost monthly basis.

LibreOffice works best as an offline office suite for single users. If you want to establish your own collaboration server. LibreOffice Online provides a server service for workers but compared to Google, Microsoft and Zoho, it is a big problem.

As with most open-source software your technical assistance comes online. But help would rarely needed to demonstrate how easy it is to use. The site also gives the possibility to export your files to PDF.