How to create Multiboot USB

Here is the step by step guide on how to create a flash drive / usb drive multi boot. As we already know that we can use Programs like rufus, Win32 Disk Imager, Balena Etcher and many other for write any ISO image and make a USB drive bootable. However If you want to Multiboot … Read more

How to configure Google Chrome for best productivity

Just after installing google Chrome in your desktop all you need to do is configure it in order to get maximum productivity and less distraction. To do so we have given following suggestion which should be applied to get work done. Install the following extensions: Adblock: No more intrusive ads. If a page detects you … Read more

How To Make An Ubuntu Bootable USB

Ubuntu is well known as it is well-loved and it stands next to the Windows operating system in case of preference by the users. Although the differences in both are many, Ubuntu provides a simple yet fun operating system with a lot of features. It may not be always possible to download your operating system … Read more

Boot from USB on Mac, Windows or Linux

USBs provide compact modules for carrying around operating systems for your computer or laptop so that booting them up from these external hard disks is easy. Normally people would use the common CD or DVD for copying such things and to install them at a later time. But newer models coming into the market might … Read more

How to run an ISO file from a USB drive

ISO files can be downloaded into your computer or other systems, or as an alternative, you can burn them into USB drives and operate them while plugging it on only. The ISO file combines all the software units into one whole file full of data making it easy and simple to download them directly via … Read more

Win32 Disk Imager Enabled Windows 10 Bootable USB

USB disk drives having an entire array of data required for the installation of a functioning operating system within its tiny compact body that is indeed convenient and highly portable. Bein written into a USB drive, the possibility exists that you can also safeguard your data by protecting it by write protection. Windows 10 being … Read more

How To Remove / Disable USB Write Protection

USB devices contain a lot of data and information within their compact sizes and all that storage needs to be safe and secure so that the access can be controlled. This also helps protect all your files against dangerous malware. But sometimes some important files need to be opened at short notice or you may … Read more