10 Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

The New Windows 7 OS is out and running on a lot of new computers. If you installed it on your old computer or just bought a new computer with Windows 7, I have some cool tips and tricks to help you out. You will find Windows 7 has a lot of new enhanced features … Read more

How to Bootable USB Flash Drive

Bootable USB Flash Drive: USB Flash Drives are hot right now and cheap. Take a look at all the ads on the Internet and from you local computer store. You can buy a 1Gb USB Flash Drive for as little as $10. and as high as $250 for a 64 Gb’s Flash Drive. If you watch … Read more

How To Fine-Tuning Application Performance in Windows 7

Optimizing Performance In Windows 7 application performance determines the relative priority of applications being run by users and those being run by the operating system. Unlike earlier releases of Windows, Windows 7 does a much better job of prioritizing, and as a result, background processes and housekeeping tasks have less impact on performance. Because of … Read more

How To Fine Tuning Visual Effects in Windows 7

Optimizing Performance Windows 7 interface has many graphical enhancements including visual effects for menus, toolbars, windows, and the taskbar. Because displaying these visual effects can require substantial system resources, Windows 7 lets you optimize the way visual effects are used. You can optimize for appearance or for performance. You can also customize the settings or … Read more

How to Clean a Computer’s Insides Safely

The cooling fans in your computer pull in a lot of dust, dirt and pet hair inside the chassis. The dust can interfere with ventilation, eventually causing computer parts to heat-up and fail. At least once a year (Every six months would be better) you need to remove the cover from your computer and thoroughly … Read more

What are the best alternatives to Microsoft Office ?

microsoft office alternative For more than 30 years, the Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and a few more bureau productivity instruments have been an essential part of the workplace. You have traditionally had to download the office software to and from your Windows computer, and some people still use Microsoft Office in this … Read more